— SF Silver Dragon —
2009 Smokey Buckskin German Riding Pony Colt

What an amazing start for our young stallion Smoke Tree Snapdragon's career as a sire! Silver Dragon is an April, 2009 colt by our 3 year old Welsh Section B stallion Smoke Tree Snapdragon, out of the RPSI mare Hope Floats. He is every bit as gorgeous as we had hoped for.

Silver Dragon is not only an eye catcher for his gleaming silver and soot coat, but his movement will knock your socks off! He has unbelievable shoulder freedom (like his sire!), making for a truly impressive trot, as well as a balanced and uphill canter, and swingy walk.

Silver Dragon is also beautifully made, with a long, arching neck, powerful hindquarters, and long, straight legs. This colt will be a top-of-the-line Large Pony, and we are also considering him as a stallion prospect, or he can be gelded before leaving the farm.

Silver Dragon was awarded a GOLD PREMIUM at his 2009 keuring, along with German Riding Pony papers and brand from the Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International, with an overall score of 8.0! He stands 14.0 hands as an early 2 year old.