— SF Scarlett —
May 24th, 2012 Liver Chestnut German Riding Pony Filly
SF Scarlett

Perfectly exquisite -- this burgandy-chestnut pony filly with a beautiful face and big floating movement will be somebody's special partner in the show ring - and there's no chance she'll be overlooked!

Continuing our young Welsh B stallion Smoke Tree Snapdragon's impressive start to a career, here's a filly who looks to be a top prospect for sport and breeding. Scarlett is a May 2012 filly by Smoke Tree Snapdragon, out of the RPSI mare Kestrel by the Trakehner stallion Kaspareit. Kestrel's dam is the Meisterwind daughter Nightshade - one of our top hunter producers.

Scarlett is not only an eye catcher with her big blaze and socks, but her movement will impress you! She looks to be an excellent prospect for dressage or the hunter ring - she has a floaty trot, a balanced and ground-covering canter, and swingy walk.

Scarlett knows she's something special - she is the first to come greet in the big pasture, and the last one to leave. She is definitely going to stay in pony height, and looks to stay a Medium pony at 13.2 hands. She would make a fantastic future broodmare as well, for a German Riding Pony program, with her strong old Trakehner lines, her size movement and type..

Scarlett has German Riding Pony papers and brand from the Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International. She scored GOLD PREMIUM at our keuring September 10th, 2012!