Head Trainer: Martijn Stuurman
Martijn Stuurman

Martijn Stuurman is a Dutch FEI level dressage trainer who has lived in the United States for the last 15 years. Martijn grew up on a small breeding farm, training and selling KWPN horses, and was trained in Holland and Germany to Grand Prix level in dressage. By the age of eight he began his show career, competing both of his ponies at the highest level of dressage. At this young age he started apprenticing with Mr. Piet Oothout. Other trainers he had the privilege of working with includes Dutch Olympic rider Coby van Baalen, Dutch Olympic coach Henk van Bergen, and German Trainer Johan Hinnemann.

Martijn Stuurman riding Gregor

In the last 15 years Martijn has shown at all levels up to Intermediate 1 and clinic-ed with Ralf Isselhorst, David Collins, Richard Ellis, and Anky van Grunsven. As a rider Martijn prefers young horses, either working with them at home or teaching them how to behave in the show ring is most fulfilling. As a coach/instructor he hs helped many successful amateur and professional dressage, eventing, and jumper riders reach their goal, including dressage rider Megan Smith: Adult Amateur Champion NEDA Fall Prix St. George, and event rider Adrianne Ioreo: Long listed for the Olympic team 2001.

Martijn Stuurman

As a clinician Martijn has been all over the world, England, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, and the United States of America. He likes to help the horse and rider by tailoring the lesson to fit the current needs of the combination, creating a solid foundation from which more progress can be made quickly and with kindness and respect the horse in mind. Currently clinics are being offered in two forms: Regular Clinic: Regular clinics are based on the original form of clinics. Participants can choose either a private or semi-private hour.

Martijn Stuurman riding Gregor
Horsemanship Clinic: Horsemanship begins on the ground, not in the stirrups. In this day long workshop up to 20 participants will learn how to better read and handle a horse on the ground using traditional European methods. During this time participants will cover, leading, backing, standing still, lunging and how to use your body language to influence horses in a quiet respectful way "

Part-time trainer: Diana Boni
Diana Boni riding Dafka

Diana Boni graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Equine Science, as well as from Merideth Manor. A life-long love of horses and dogs has led her to pursue teaching and riding throughout her career – in addition to her horses, Diana is also owned by the prairie pugs of Ugly Mugs Pugs! She has a passion for teaching dressage, and for making dressage fun and fulfilling for every horse and rider.

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