— Mare Buyback Program —


We're proud of our breeding program, and willing to put our money where our mouth is. If you buy a qualifying filly from us, we agree to buy her back with trade-in credit on another Solomon Farm owned horse, at any time and for any reason, up until age 16.

Whether she's had an injury and needs to retire, or you're simply ready for a different partner in sport, we want to keep track of the mares we breed and ensure they have a place in a quality breeding program when the time comes. We only ask that she be breeding sound at the time of buyback.

The value of your mare's trade-in credit will be determined by her pedigree, show record, age and quality. You'll be assured she has a good home for life, and we'll be ensuring that our precious mare lines keep producing for our farm!

Qualifying fillies are marked with our special Solomon Farm Certified Mare insignia on the sales page, and have a link to the buyback program from their individual pages. If a filly you like is not entered in the program, please feel free to inquire about her anyway. It may be we have already kept several of her siblings for our broodmare herd, or have an overstock of certain bloodlines.