— New Construction —

We've begun construction on a new 20-stall barn and indoor arena, crafted primarily from local materials found here on our ranch. We had a slowdown when all of the exterior steel and welded stalls for the new barn were stolen... but we're moving on and we hope to have the facility underway again in summer 2012 - 2013 -- keep checking back to see our progress! For the time being we have our original barn with 9 stalls, a breeding lab/tack room, as well as our second broodmare and young horse barn, and an outdoor sand arena.

Once finished, the woodwork in the stall barn and lounge/living area will be especially beautiful, made from our own majestic Cottonwood trees, many of which we lost due to previous years of drought. Each board will be unique, featuring a rich, swirling wood-grain that looks similar to the wide, curving loops of the White River moving through the prairie soil here.

The stalls will be hand welded in an open, airy configuration designed for maximum comfort, safety and happiness for the horses. We don't believe a stall should look like a jail cell – so we're designing ours with a horse's perspective in mind.

The plans for the new main barn feature a large tack room, a utility and blanket room with full laundry, grooming stalls, a wash stall with solarium, toilet facilities, and a breeding station and lab. Attached to the main barn we plan for a viewing lounge, media room, game room and dining area, along with eight private rooms on two stories for our guests.

We are excited to be making this big step, from breeding farm, to breeding, training and sales barn. These changes take time, especially with the setback we never saw coming, of fraud and theft -- but we South Dakotans are tough and resourceful, and we're planning for continuing construction in the summer of 2012. We're positive we're worth the wait!