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Izod (

We have happy owners and horses all around the country... we wanted to share a few of their stories, of getting their new horse... most of these customers purchased from video, sight-unseen!

Patti Davidson -- SF Go Diego (Smoke Tree Gold Fever x LeLady Katy) - Spring 2012 -- "I recently purchased a 4yr GRP from Solomon Farms. It was the best experience I have ever had. My gelding was excately what I had wanted. Ann and her staff was very professional and honest in their representation of this pony. They where very accomodating to make this transaction very easy. I would highly recommend this breeding facility to anyone. Thank you for the pony of my dreams. Patricia G. Davidson Fresno, California"   "Hello Ann, Just wanted to give you an update on Diego....His name is now Golden Graham, Gram for short. Still kept the SF and the Gold in his daddys name. He is in the big boy arena now and his walk trot and canter. A couple of bucks at the canter but they were really laughable. He has been PERFECT. My trainer loves him. He knows I am his mom. He knows that I have the carrots which took him a couple of times to get use to them. I am tickeled to death with him, and he is quickly becomming the barn favorite. Thank you for a well started pony. I love him and can not wait to start showing and kicking ass. If you need a testimonial for your web site let me know. Warmest Regards, Patti and Gram"

SF Lorelei and Anna Purdy

Justine Krieg -- SF Izod (Ishmael x Nightshade) -- "Hi Ann! And Happy Holidays to you and everyone else at Solomon Farm! I just wanted to send you a recent picture of 'Dakota' or 'Fashionable' (show name) or 'Izod'/'Skunk' as you know him. The attached picture was taken at a horse show last September in Washington. I moved back to Seattle (I went to college here) about a year and a half ago. Last year was really Dakota's first "A" show year. He did the Pre-greens and we actually ended the year in the 3'3" Jr/Am Modifieds! He is such a good boy and has been so easy to deal with since day one! He has always been sound and never wore shoes until the late summer grass shows. He is on a mini-vacation now and hence barefoot but I will probably start him with shoes in January as he will hopefully be jumping and showing a little more! I must tell you that at the first "A" show in Monroe, Washington that we took him to last May, 5 of the top trainers in the area asked if he was for sale! Of course, he is my baby and will never be for sale but I did pass on your name. I look at your site often and like the looks of Dali (too bad my pocketbook can't fund it at this time). I love seeing all of Dakota's distant relatives!"

Der Maestro by Der Graf

Brooke Miller -- SF Dali (2005 Der Graf x Robin) -- "Hi Ann-What a lovely horse you raised! Nothing fazes him. I gave him a bath as soon as he arrived, and then he and I wandered around the farm so he could check everything out." And a few days later Brooke writes us: "Hi Ann-I just wanted to send you an update on Dali. HE'S TERRIFIC!!! He's everything I wanted in a horse--smart, calm, talented, and loving. He knows the sound of my car when I pull up to the barn and always sticks his head out to nicker at me.... I don't think backing will bother him, because nothing so far has--not getting his first pair of hot shoes, or wearing a bit, or even hitting his head on the windchimes hanging from the tree while he was grazing. He's just a happy boy ... terrific to be around. Keep breeding them like this!"   "Hi Ann- ...Dali shows up, and he's like a ray of non-stop happiness. There's nothing that bothers him. Today the four cows from next door escaped (we're in a weird area: a 10-acre with a trailer home and 5 cows next to a 20-acre plant nursery next to a 5-acre high-end Olympian dressage barn only occupied from Jan-March). They came crashing through the brush by the driveway while I was hand-grazing Dal after his bath ... he jumped upright, puffed up, and looked all stallion-of-the-prairie. Then he un-puffed and went over to lick the cows over the fence :). There hasn't been a single time he hasn't made me laugh at least once."

Dancer's Surprise by Der Graf

Nancy Whitman -- SF Dalton (2010 Der Graf x Robin) -- "...Dalton is doing fabulous and when he lays down in his stall I am able to come in and sit down next to him, scratch his neck and lay on his side. He whinnys now for his food or a soft nicker and whinnys for my other two horses. I am still keeping them seperate in free turnout and only allowing my big horse to be with Dalton supervised. He is a love and not afraid of anything and so smart. He learned after two times that if I stand at his hip with a treat to stand still and bend to get the treat. He is great with a lightweight sheet since it is now in the low 30's at night here. He pulled out a Hibiscus out of a planter once and I hollered at him and he has never tried again. He knows his name and will come to me when I call him. He is an absolute love and everyone who comes over cannot believe how calm and friendly he is with them. Thanks as he is a dream!"   "Ann, Dalton is doing terrific and so smart he seems to learn things in one or two repetitions...What a wonderful personality and so smart and easy to train. Yesterday my trainer and I put on a surcingle and long lines and worked on walk and halt and bending and turning at the corners of the arena. What a trooper as you would think that he had done this a million times before as he just moved forward and did whatever we asked in a 15 minute session. He is growing and growing and I will send you a new photo soon as he is now in a small halter and the vet had him at 500 pounds with his shots last month."

Dance Card by Der Graf

Mark McKone -- SF Dance Card (Der Graf x Rainbow Card xx) -- "Ann, Danny had a great summer show circuit. We started off doing the baby/young greens and ended doing the pre-greens and A/A. Danny had prizes at Midstates Horse Show in Mason City, IA and in Parker, CO at the Colorado Summer Circuit. We were even Champion our second week in the low A/A. My trainer also got 6th out of 60 some horses in a three foot warm up class. Here's a picture of Danny ridden by my trainer (Andy Barone of Raven Ridge Farm; Watertown, MN) in Colorado in a Pre-green class. We're back at school in Findlay, OH now. Danny and I are working on dressage regularly but with the intent to improve him as a hunter. I hope all is going well for you, enjoy the picture. -Mark McKone"