— SF Streetwise —
2010 Mahogany Bay German Riding Pony Colt
SF Streetwise

Continuing our young Welsh B stallion Smoke Tree Snapdragon's impressive start to a career as a sire is this flashy and correct colt, who looks to be a top prospect for sport and breeding. Streetwise is a May 2010 colt by Smoke Tree Snapdragon, out of the RPSI mare Hope Floats. He is every bit as gorgeous as we had hoped for - and with the added bonus of a dark gleaming bay coat, four socks and a blaze!.

Streetwise is not only an eye catcher for his striking color, but his movement will knock your socks off! He has impressive shoulder freedom (like his sire!), making for a gorgeous trot, as well as a balanced and uphill canter, and swingy walk.

Streetwise is also beautifully made, with a long, arching neck, powerful hindquarters, and long, straight legs. This colt will be a top-of-the-line Large Pony, and we are also considering him as a stallion prospect.

Streetwise will be presented for German Riding Pony papers and brand from the Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International, at our keuring September 24th, 2010!